Wellness Academy

The Wellness Academy is a completely unique programme to the employment market.

It is designed with every employee in mind - regardless of their role within the organisation, their personal outlooks, their age etc.

The programme demonstrates better health and wellbeing for employees and how they can go about achieving that into their daily lives.

It focuses on providing a full understanding of our physical and mental health to help individuals manage their own wellbeing.

Why should employers deliver this programme?

Our aim is to assist organisations in creating a positive, well balanced working environment for their employees, so they thrive in their work, deliver on company goals and continue to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The impact of a healthy lifestyle provides many benefits to the individual and to the business. 

The benefits to the business are:

·        People want to be in work because they are happy

·        They are much more focused on tasks and are more efficient when they are happy

·        There is an improvement in relationships which promotes a happier workforce and somewhere employees, customers and you want to be

·        There is an increase in wellbeing which improves physical and mental health

·        There is increased productivity when people feel happy

·        There is an internal community of support for employees to ensure focus on wellbeing


Why should you, the employee, attend this programme?

·        If you are lacking confidence or motivation to put yourself forward for opportunities?

·        If you struggle with change either personally or in the work place

·        If you find it difficult to see positive aspects in your life or in work, consistently

·        If you feel you are missing out on opportunities

·        If you feel that you could be so much more and want to learn more?

·        If you feel trapped and can’t escape that feeling?

·        If you want to put in the effort to make a lasting change to where you are...

This is the programme for you.


The Academy Programme duration is 6 months consisting of:

·        Monthly learning sessions each month (1.5 hours) dates set in advance to ensure maximum attendance

·        Handouts will be provided for reflection at any time

·        Self-reflection work will be provided to be completed between modules to ensure lifelong learning

·        Questionnaires and surveys to measure the improvement of each persons Health and Wellbeing as we go through the programme

·        Online Community of support throughout the programme and after to ensure continuous development on delegates health and wellbeing


The Academy Programme can cater for up to 16 people.

The company will receive a Certificate of Recognition which is recognised in quality standards and health and safety.


Exploring the Wellness Academy Modules

Module 1       Dealing with negativity of others

In this module you will learn:

·        Self-awareness of self and other people’s emotions

·        Negativity breeds negativity

·        Acceptance

·        Reaction vs Response

Module 2       How to change our programmes

In this module you will learn:

·        Understanding Conscious / Unconscious programming

·        What are our beliefs and values

·        Making the choice to change

Module 3       Is the grass always greener

In this module you will learn:

·        Damage of over thinking

·        Managing a changing environment

·        Understanding the changes, you want to make

Module 4       Defeating the enemy within

In this module you will learn:

·        Understanding negative self-talk

·        Finding purpose

·        Growing confidence

Module 5       Body wisdom part 1 – Mindful Nutrition

In this module you will learn:

·        Eat Well

·        Live Well 

Module 6       Body wisdom part 2 – Mindful Movement

In this module you will learn:

·        Be Well

·        Think Well

COST: €2400.00 per group up to 16 people

* if you have employees with a mental health condition, it is important that the trainer is made aware

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