Mindful Eating at Work

Applying mindfulness is one way to make profound changes in your employee’s eating behaviours at work. Mindfulness in general has several qualities: paying attention, on purpose, with a present moment focus. There is also an attitude of open, friendly inquisitiveness about your experience.

Regarding eating, this would be the opposite of eating while in the “automatic pilot” mode. If you are ready to make some changes in your employee’s food consumption at work it would be helpful to first take a more focused look at what they are presently doing.

We can deliver a 2-part workshop-style course to help you and your colleagues apply mindful eating to their everyday lives, including at work, to help them build a positive relationship with food and drinks.

Both parts will include short meditations and/or breathing exercises, time permitting.

Part 1:

  • Understanding Mindfulness Meditation and how to it to eating

  • Current eating habits and programming

  • Desired outcomes and setting goals

  • Awareness of Self

  • Research into benefits of Mindful Eating

  • Tips for slowing down and applying Mindfulness

  • Intention setting and Homework

Part 2:

  • Homework review: Self-reflection

  • Why are we overweight: Biological factors, habits, childhood programming, etc

  • Handling setbacks and triggers

  • Importance of Exercise for weight management

  • Breaking negative thinking patterns

  • Intention setting

Duration: 3 hours total – 1.5hrs per part.

Cost: £500 +VAT up to 15 delegates.

Location: Can be delivered on or off site.

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