At Prestige HR, we want to ensure that employers support women through the natural transition of menopause and benefit from increased engagement and loyalty, in addition to lessened sickness absence and employee turnover. There are many ways in which we can help you foster an aging and gender inclusive workplace, ensure you are fulfilling your legal responsibility as an employer and remove barriers to progression for women.

What can we do for you?

Review existing policies and frameworks

Many companies have already effective policy and procedures in place, which cover health and well-being, flexible working and performance management.  As a result of these policies and procedures, many employees will feel comfortable in speaking up about any issues they may be having, however, this comfort must be inclusive to all of the workforce. Nevertheless, we believe that it is still worth highlighting menopause within these policies, to help raise awareness of the challenges it can cause and the simple actions that can help women thrive in the workplace.


Mindfulness Training: Menopause

This is ideal for those organisations or individuals who would like to embed mindfulness within their organisations. Mindfulness is growing because people are seeking ways to cope with the challenges and complexities of their lives. Developing mindfulness within the workplace/daily life has been proven to reduce reoccurrence rates of depression by 40-50% over 12 months. The benefits of practice are powerful and real with the ability to see life differently. The training consists of four, six or eight 45min-1hr sessions and can be delivered on or off site.


Introduction to Counselling and Mediation

This training programme is a specialised programme that equips delegates with an understanding, knowledge and toolkit to be more confident when managing differences within the workplace. 

The program looks at providing delegates with the skills to feel more confident when dealing with sensitive and difficult situations aiming for a mutual agreeable outcome.


Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness is the ability to find calm in the chaos, stillness in the busyness of life and the ability to get back to ‘me’ as quick as possible. Mindfulness brings an awareness of ‘you’ as the leader, an awareness of others and the ability to focus on what is important.

When you have a greater awareness of yourself you have a much better awareness of the impact you have on others; you feel the connection with the other person, you are much more compassionate in your communication with them and you listen much better. All making you a better leader.

The ability to focus on what is important brings greater focus and attention to what you are working on, allowing you the space to deal with whatever you face, in a calm and focused way. You have a greater clarity to creatively identify solutions and you are conscious of decisions rather than work on autopilot.


Menopause talks

At Prestige, we provide a range of different training that can be catered to your business’ needs. We offer talks that are aimed at breaking the silence and taboo that surround the topic of menopause. Just talking about the menopause can make a world of difference to a woman’s ability to achieve her full potential.

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