Programme Overview


The Leadership Development Programme is designed to help you develop your personal leadership skills. You will learn to inspire and lead others by understanding yourself, how you relate to the people you work with and the leadership challenges you face. The Prestige Leadership Programme is our flagship programme that has been designed in collaboration with experienced Leaders to address and equip delegates with the skills to tackle the challenges faced by today's mid-to-senior level leaders.


The programme is written for Leaders of managers or those managers at middle management level and you will learn:


  • Where you are as a leader and develop your career plan to continue your personal development

  • How to Inspire and Lead others across the organisation and through different levels

  • The art of collaboration and effective communication

  • How you relate to people you work with

  • Solving complicated problems and taking wise action in rapidly changing conditions

  • Managing stress and building resilience to be effective in your role

  • Whilst building a network of supportive leaders to assist you in your continuous development


Who should attend?


  • Mid to senior level leaders

  • Leaders who lead other managers; operational, group or department managers

  • Middle managers who are bridging the gap between front line and management


Why choose the Prestige Leadership Development Programme?


This course has been developed to allow you to easily apply your newly developed skills immediately in your workplace and role so that you can start to see the impact from day 1 on the programme.


There are 6 core modules and you have the option of choosing a further 2 from an extensive list, tailoring the course to meet your development needs best and making this a highly effective learning experience that can truly make a difference to your role as a leader and to your organisation.


The Course Content


Module 1        Understanding YOU as a Leader


In this module you will:

  • Assess your Leadership Performance across a number of measurement tools and identify your career development objectives

  • Confidence Building

  • Stress Management, building resilience and mental toughness to handle the Leadership Challenges you may face

  • Identifying the Opportunities and stresses in your roles; and overcoming the real fears of today’s Leaders


Module 2        Strategic Planning


In this module you will:

  • Understand the importance of developing common Vision, Values, Goals, Mission Statements and

  • Explore how you contribute to the development of a strategic plan

  • Explore how to set targets for the organisation

  • Understand why strategy implementation fails and what you can do as a leader to ensure performance against the Vision


Module 3        Ensure Result Based Outcomes


In this module you will:

  • Learn techniques for decision making

  • How to go about finding and implementing solutions

  • Goal Setting to ensure results

  • Skills to plan and lead complex teams through the execution of outcomes


Module 4        Business Process Management


In this module you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding to how things are done, if they are effective or efficient and how to go about addressing those

  • Measuring the success of process improvement

  • Approaches to problem solving that will help to make processes more effective and efficient

  • Minimising waste within business process functions across all sectors


Module 5        Working with People


In this module you will:

  • Learn the make-up of your team and how to develop high performance teams

  • Understand motivation techniques and how to motivate your team

  • Techniques and strategies to develop the people you manage

  • Managing conflict and disputes within teams quickly


Module 6        Leading through Change


In this module you will:

  • Leading through change or strategic change and managing the effects

  • Understand the impact of change

  • Learn how to encourage innovation in teams

  • Develop a culture of risk that learns quickly from mistakes


Optional Modules


You can pick a further two modules to explore from the modules listed below and further information on content on each is available on request.


  • Equality of Opportunity/ Dignity at Work in the workplace

  • Wellbeing Management of staff

  • Employment Law and your role within it

  • Managing Resources (including absence management)

  • Performance Management and Appraisal

  • Chairing Meetings

  • Effective Communication skills

  • Managing Budgets

  • Business Development and Sales Techniques

  • Effective Record Keeping and Good Governance

  • Recruitment and Selection


Style of Delivery?


The programme will consist of 8 workshop based sessions 4 hours each.


Course books will be provided as a reference point for all learning.


Course work will be set after each workshop to cement and apply the learning to your current roles and organisation.


There will be a number of assessment tools used throughout the programme.


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued for each module completed and at the end of the programme (all 8 modules must be completed for Certification of the Leadership Programme).


Other Information


Duration:        8 months (guide)


Location:        This training can take place in house for your own convenience or at external premises


Minimum Numbers for Participation:         6 delegates

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