This workshop will provide a general overview of the new GDPR regulations alongside providing an opportunity to perform a high-level analysis of data and processes.

Part 1: Data Protection vs GDPR summary

This will include many aspects of data protection, ranging from GDPR definitions and outlines to where to go and what to do next to ensure adequate compliance levels.

Part 2: Pre-Audit Questionnaire 

A pre-audit questionnaire will be provided to all attendees before the training programme. Attendees will be asked to comment on current levels of data protection, quantity and types of data held, data flows in and out of the company and third party agreements.

Part 3: Cyber Security Overview 

An overview of how systems can be kept secure will be provided for attendees to use in order to keep data protection and data security at the top of their list of priorities.

Part 4: To-Do List

All attendees will receive a comprehensive to-do list and guide to Data Protection going forward. This ‘to-do list’ can be customised by our team to meet specific needs and limitations of every company

Part 5: Follow-up Consultation

This is a one hour 1-2-1 consultation with a member of our data protection team to determine a data protection plan and to discuss current data protection processes. This is an opportunity to ask any questions in relation to current or future compliance levels.

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