Training is the key to data protection. We are all anxious about protecting our own privacy but if you talk to the typical employee, how important do they consider the protection of other people’s data?

People can be harmed if their data is misused, through poor security or careless disclosures. They can also be harmed if their data is inaccurate or insufficient and decisions are made about them, or about what services to provide them with.

Being unclear about Data Protection also runs the risk that people misunderstand it and possibly over-react, becoming obstructive when there is no need to be, causing hassle for individuals and other organisations.

This training will make sure that everyone is able to treat people properly because they know what they supposed to do.

Areas for discussion


· Why is Data Protection so important?

· Facts about Data Protection

· Definitions within the DPA

· The Data Protection Principles and applying the Principles to your organisation

· How does Data Protection affect us in the workplace?

· Processing of Data and “sensitive” Data

Duration: 2-3 hour programme

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